一、            拼读单词(10%)

b-i-g   big      p-i-g  pig        s-i-x  six           m-i-l-k milk


二、            认读单词 (30%)

dad        man       woman       grandmother    grandfather

Canada    pupil       teacher         thin           tall


三、            认读句子(40%)

1 Where are you from?

2 Who’s that man?

3 He’s my father.

4 Is she your mother?

5 Yes, she is.

6 It’s so tall.

7 It has a long nose.

8 It has small eyes and big ears.


四、            认读歌谣(20%)


He and she. He and She.

Boy and girl. You and me.

He and she. He and she.

Teacher and students.

One, two, three!